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Chapter 1 - 2


As a consequence of Adam’s disobedience, called THE FALL OF ADAM, he lost the KINGDOM OF GOD; that most precious gift God gave him, namely, HIMSELF.

God could no longer live with Adam in the Garden He had prepared for him, because he was now evil. No longer would He visit him in the cool of the evening. Adam was now in a sinful state, so God drove him from His Garden, Genesis 3:22. Had God not closed the Garden to him, he could have lived forever in a degenerate condition, had he eaten the fruit of the TREE OF LIFE. A Holy God will not permit SIN or anything that defiles to live in His Garden, whether during Adam’s time or a future time when He has a New Garden, called NEW JERUSALEM mentioned in Revelation 21:27.

Genesis 3:23-24 relates how Adam now finds himself to be in a harsh environment where he has to grow his food with much labor. Worst of all, “Old Adam” was now out of fellowship with his MAKER.

Chapter 1-3 O Death More Trouble!

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